I want to mention some of my Experiences here on my Portfolio, I think one of our first skills is painting.
I also started painting on the wall of my room like many of you.
Later, I had the opportunity to paint in the field I choosed.
And I visualize while listening to different songs or after reading a book.

   I Got My Bachelor In Graphic Design, Then My Cousin, Another Lady and I Opened A Photography Studio Named “Pariyan” In Mojdeh, Niavaran, Tehran. 
These Days I’m Freelancing and Working On My Own Projects. This got me many pictures to add to my portfolio.

   My Very Own Website, I Designed And Created It Myself, (Realllllly From Scratch), It’s So Colorful Cause I Love Colors And Lines..


You Wonder HOW?!
I Took A Workshop With One OF The Best Webmaster Teachers I Know! (She’s The Only)
I Didn’t Need Nobody Else

She Taught Me:
How To Start Up My Own Business, How To Help Others To Use Internet In Their Favor,
How To Create And Design Websites Using WordPress.
How To How To How To…..

Plus Some Life Lessons
I Loved It
Maybe You Do Too.

  Birth Of Our Glitterybow, A Brilliant Friend Of Mine (Shaghayegh) And I, Designed And Created Glitterybow To Help Self Teach English To Iranians (Persian Speakers), We’re Both Bilinguals (Persian Is Our Mother-Tongue, We Learnt English When We Were Kids, I Speak French, She Speaks German), And We Felt The Lake Of Online ESL Teachers and Materials For Us Persians-Iranians.

I Got The Luxury Of Having Good, Amazing, Kind Friends
My Bestie Is A Midwife, So I Created Her A Website To Educate Us Iranians, About Health (Female Health Basically)
It’s Her Idea I Just Followed Her Orders

She’s A Girl, So You Know How We Love Pink
This Is Why Her WEbsite Is Pink.